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Absolute Wellness, Boundless Energy, Cognitive Clarity, Sustained Blissfulness
High Frequency Cell Talk
Is your Goal
You’re in the Right Place!
Advance Your Age into a Timeless Body.

Thank you for your interest in Detox International’s Cleansing and Nutritional Protocols. This is a life enhancing journey that will help you turn the tables on the aging/ disease process – though we cannot predict in advance how everyone’s metabolism will react, we do know that the vast majority of people will start to see positive results within 1 to 7 days. In some instances, more time may  be needed to see discernible results. Our formulas are more powerful than ever, with results so profound we are having some people actually turn around diseases that usually carry a death sentence. We have people who are establishing high levels of discipline concerning their dietary intake, as they begin to understand that the feeling of wellness, even blissfulness is no longer just an elusive option but an innate and  necessary  component of the human experience. We now have people who are looking forward to maturing instead of being embarrassed by the aging process. This is all being done by a system of total body cleansing and detoxification, fat burning, pain stopping, tissue building, plant based formulas. This system of life enhancement is so complete that those who don’t  improve are probably living out a death wish. We take this opportunity to invite you to turn around the helpless descent into decrepitude and life threatening illnesses  and start enjoying life the way nature intended.

We are proud to be able to introduce to you a line of products, information and workshops so advanced in their effectiveness, that the surprise alone will awaken within you a new sense of being alive.

What do… constipation, colds, the  flu, excessive weight, body fat, high blood pressure, lack of energy, skin eruptions, PMS, cellulite, lack of sexual energy, accelerated aging,
tumors, degenerative diseases, AIDS and premature death all have in common?
They All Stem from Accumulated Body Waste and Cellular Starvation!
Solution: Rid Your Body of Waste and Live!

The  Keys  to  Life

Cleanse & Feed Your Cells “First” Empty your Gut!

To sustain life in the human body, two things are fundamentally important:
The human body must go through a thorough cleansing cycle every single day of its life.
The human body must be nourished with foods that are compatible with its’ Biological and Spiritual Mandate.

A complete detoxification program would aspire to accomplish the following:
Normalize stomach pH; aid pancreatic enzyme production; flush gall bladder and thin the bile; de-fat and decongest the liver; build intestinal micro flora; flush mucus and waste from the intestinal wall to free villi action and nutrient absorption; remove impacted colon fecal waste by stimulating peristaltic action; purify and build the blood; cleanse the urinary tract and promote fluid balance; promote lymphatic drainage; open skin pores; expectorate mucus from lungs, open respiratory passageways; diminish unnatural food cravings; curb the appetite while releasing you gradually from the bondage of addiction;stimulate a fervent desire for healthy food and healthy living.

Introducing Detox International Power Pack for Men, Women & Children. The Power Pack is designed to overhaul your metabolism  from the brain to your feet. For the last 5000 years or more the most important parts of our bodies namely the brain, endocrine and central nervous system has been in a starvational tale-spin. We are experiencing the final chapters of that tale-spin. Aging (Diseases) is galloping at the speed of light.  Detox International has a way out of this metabolic trap with our new Power Pack system.

Building & Retaining Muscle  •  Skin Elasticity Retainer  •  Eye Bag Reducer  •  Wrinkle Prevention  •  Anti-inflammatory  •  Male Menopause (Andropause) Reversed  •  No PMS  •  No Endometriosis  •  Little to No Menopausal Discomforts  •  Auto-immune System Boost  •  Blood purifier  •  Brain Health  •  Brain Chemical Imbalance improvement  •  Neurological Well Being  •  Speech Disorders Improvement  •  Memory Restoration  •  Mental Clarity  •  Parkinson Symptoms Improvement  •  Cortisol Balance  •  Energy  •  Prostate Health  •  Bone Health  •  Improves A.D.D. & related Disorders  •  Anxiety/Stress Reliever  •  Asthma & other Respiratory Disorders Resolved  •  Improves Symptoms of Autism  •  Protects against Colds / Flus  •  Protects against Dementia  •  Restores Bloods Sugar Balance (Diabetics Type I and II)  •  Protects against Depression  •  Protects against Emotional Imbalance  •  Insomnia relieved  •  Low Energy / Fatigue eliminated  •  Pain And Inflammation gradually goes away  •  Promotes Healthy Joints  •  WEIGHT-LOSS a given  •  Heart Attack / Stroke Rehabilitation  •  Cardiovascular Health  •  And More…

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to one of the best cleansing and restoration systems to be found anywhere. This system works and it works beyond a shadow of a doubt. What is needed on your part is a sufficient passion for life and some discipline to see it though. The human body today is under severe attack and if you are not doing this program or something close to it, the probability of you incurring health challenges when you least expect is high. Diseases take decades to incubate in the body, so don’t be fooled by a lull of symptoms. The Goal of Detox International is to break the disease incubation cycle while reversing the premature aging (disease) process.




The Basic Cleanse/Nutrition Kit Power Pack is the foundation of our Nutritional/Wellness protocol. It includes five broad spectrum formulas produced in our own lab that have since been merged as one formula in a powder form. The Power Pack reaches deep into the chaotic patterns wreaking havoc in your cells; it removes what doesn’t belong and restores what you have been missing most of your lives. The Human Body is designed never to get sick and The Basic Cleanse/Nutrition Kit Power Pack will show you how this is possible. The Power Pack includes items that was once sold separately as:
– The Basic Cleanse/Nutrition Kit 
– Restoration Manna
– Multi-Mineral Life Force
– Probiotic Magnum Power
(Royal Oxy Flush automatically comes with this package) 
The Basic Cleanse/Nutrition Kit Power Pack will bring sanity, metabolic integrity, endurance and longevity back into your life. It comes in five different sizes that will fit anyone’s budget. This system is so comprehensive that eventually you can start to take half a dose daily. Now let’s get your life back in order.

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More often than not when the disease process has already advanced, more nutraceuticals may be needed to assist the body in eradicating the disease process. This is why we developed the Urgent Care Formulas in order to accelerate the healing process; to provide the body with the kind of nutritional elements it really needs, but has been missing its’ entire life for the most part. But keep in mind that these products should be exclusively used with The Power Pack System. The desire for a quick fix sends most people to conventional pain medications just for relief. Unfortunately, all conventional pain medications (even aspirin) carry risks of negative side effects. Some even carry risks of habituation and fatal overdoses. Most conventional pain medications simply mask or block the distress signals of pain being sent back and forth between the body and brain. They don’t address the problems causing the pain. All organs in the body can be revived as long as it hasn’t advanced beyond the point of recovery. Even then, some people have been able to turn around maladies when given only weeks to live. But no one should wait that long (see testimonials).
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Recognition of the importance of the minerals required for perfect health is so new, that few textbooks contain much about it. It is now believed that at least 24 elements are essential to living matter (i.e. deficiency symptoms occur when these elements are lacking which are then resolved when proper balance is achieved). Angstrom-sized minerals are an enormous advancement in mineral technology. They represent a quantum leap in nutrition. Unlike bulky, difficult to absorb colloidal minerals or mineral compounds, all of which clog up the system, angstrom-size minerals are small enough so that they are nearly 100% assimilated by the human body (angstrom-sized minerals are one millionth the size of a colloidal mineral). Because they are bound to hydrogen molecules, angstrom minerals are capable crossing the blood brain barrier while increasing neurotransmission and brain power. Minerals are essential to physical and mental health.
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Feminine Breeze
Lady’s Comfort- Women Health
A Pain Reliever/A Life Saver

Pesticides and other unnatural synthetic chemicals has invaded every aspect of human life. From growing foods, foods additives, sweeteners, thickeners, extenders, water and air pollution, electro-magnetic smog  etc.; it is probably not only in your household but also in your body. But the application of these chemicals to assist the women in her menstrual cycle is by far at the top of the hate crime list.

A chemical cesspool that is used to create tampons and pads with odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances laced with artificial colors, polyesters, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG), contaminants is linked to hormone disruption, mood swings, cancer, birth defects, dryness, infertility, disgusting odor, menstrual cramps, fibroid tumors, endometriosis and hysterectomies.

Studies have shown that harmful chemicals like dioxin and chlorine used to bleach sanitary pads are carcinogenic when they come in contact with human skin especially the warm moist areas of the womb. The affects are cumulative and rarely do most women of today have pleasant and empowering cycles .

Traditional pads don’t allow fresh air to enter the womb which creates a perfect environment for germ warfare.

Did you ever wonder why there has become a sudden rush of genital herpes, STD’s HPV’s, in other words a toxic alphabet soup of pathogenic germs and viruses.

A World Health Organization report indicates that within two hours of a woman putting on traditional pads, about 107 different germs develop per cubic centimeter on the surface area of the pad. When pressure is applied on the pad through sitting, because paper is not absorbent enough, the pad allows a “back flow” of the blood into the woman’s reproductive system with all the germs that may have developed and the chemicals mixed with the blood possibly causing infection to the woman’s reproductive system.

The Structure of Feminine Breeze Ionic Sanitary Napkins :
A dry and comfortable feeling.
Super Absorbent, a comprehensive solution to a Women’s Needs.
In accordance with International hygiene standards, to prevent infection.
“Dry, air permeability and cleanliness’ are three main principles of genital care. For the production of hygiene products in strict accordance with the International GB15979 – 2002 health standards for production.
Strictly control the production of sanitary napkins raw materials, especially raw materials, standards of hygiene.
Using enclosed production plant of international advanced level, automatic continuous production with fully automated packaging, without Human Touch. In order to ensure that the products manufactured Avoiding bacterial, fungal contamination, the advanced and easy to pull style in sealed packaging used in
Premium Ionic Sanitary Napkins.
1st layer: soft non-woven top sheet
2nd layer: super soft white non-woven
(leak guard)
3rd layer: 60g anion chips (three functions)
4th layer ~ 6th layer: airlaid paper wrapped Sumitomo absorbent paper
7th layer: breathable back sheet
8th layer: release paper
9th layer: single wrap
10th layer: closure
`Soft Cotton Surface – Non-woven fabric ,to make the absorption faster & keep the material dry; absorbs
up to three times to prevent wetness.
-Anion chip – Made by non-woven fabric ,
Negative ion + Bamboo
Charcoal+ Far Infrared chip, with projected anions up to 6100/cubic centimeters, to relieve
menstrual discomfort.
-Air-laid paper – Ultra soft dust free paper to
lock fluid absorbents to prevent back-flow
and leakage; 360 degree wrapped.
-Composite paper– Super absorbent polymer to lock moisture – super absorbents material with strong Fluid-retention which is made of imported Japan
Sumitomo SPA, a very high quality
absorption polymer to prevent wetness.


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